04 January 2023LawtechUK

Shaping the Future of Lawtech Event Recordings

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Alexandra Lennox Director of Lawtech UK 1

What does the future hold for Lawtech?

Shaping the Future of Lawtech examined lawtech’s role in reshaping legal services to deliver greater access to law and enhance the UK’s position globally. Including panel discussions and showcases from leading experts and lawtechs who are delivering change in the sector, as well as examples of how the UK Government is supporting innovation, including through the Lawtech Sandbox.

Shaping the Future of Lawtech: Introductory Remarks and Statement by Mike Freer MP

There are 2 questions front and centre when we think about the future of legal and technology:

  1. How can lawtech help us build stronger, more resilient businesses and economies, and in turn help our competitive edge?
  2. How can lawtech help us close the access to justice gap?

Alexandra Lennox, kicks off the Shaping the Future of Lawtech event by looking back at the lawtech sector over the last 3 years. Including, a statement from Mike Freer MP.

The Opportunities and Benefits of Lawtech's to UK Consumers

We spoke with the founders from three leading Lawtechs (Amicable, Farewill and Find Others) who are helping close the access-to-justice gap. They discuss the sector's opportunities and its benefits to consumers in the UK.

Shaping the Future of Lawtech: Reimagining Access to Law - Panel Discussion

  1. Does the current model enable effective access-to-legal and access-to-justice
  2. How can we reimagine the model?
  3. How can technology help close the access to justice gap? What is required to 'disrupt' the market?
  4. What is stopping us from progressing? What is required to drive the change?

A panel discussion with Christina Blacklaws, Dr Natalie Byrom, Fiona Rutherford and Professor Thomas Melham debates these 4 pressing lawtech questions.

How Lawtech is Already Helping Businesses Globally

Three leading B2B lawtechs (Genie AI, Legl and Orbital Witness) discuss the sector's opportunities and benefits for businesses in the UK, as well as globally.

Shaping the Future of Lawtech: Lawtech with No Borders - Panel Discussion

  1. In an international context, what competitive advantage can lawtech give the UK?
  2. How do we facilitate and maintain that competitive advantage
  3. Is our lawtech sector sufficiently disruptive enough to ensure meaningful competitive advantage?

Richard Susskinds, Sophia Adams Bhatti, Peter Hunn and Fraser Matcham debate these 3 big questions in a panel discussion about "lawtech with no borders".

Shaping the Future of Lawtech: Directors Closing Remarks

LawtechUK's Director, Alexandra Lennox, delivers her closing remarks with a call to action to think about how we can change great thinking into action.

LawtechUK's high profile event was attended by over 100 people in person in London, with more than 300 also joining online across 44 countries.

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