14 March 2023LawtechUK

LawtechUK's Next Chapter: FAQs on the New Leadership and the Future of LawtechUK

This article aims to address the frequently asked questions about LawtechUK's transition to new leadership, CodeBase and Legal Geek. Questions include the future of the existing team, the Lawtech Sandbox, the website, resources, and other related matters.

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How do I stay in touch on updates?

If you would like to continue receiving emails from LawtechUK about our latest news, events, research and programmes under the new providers, you will need to re-subscribe to the mailing list, here.

What is happening to the existing LawtechUK team?

The existing team is supporting the transition. Some of the existing team are in discussion to stay with LawtechUK into the new provider, whilst others are exploring or have already accepted roles in new organisations.

What are CodeBase’s and Legal Geek’s plans for LawtechUK?

CodeBase and Legal Geek plan to build off the foundations built already and have a programme of activities planned that will showcase the UK as an excellent place for lawtech innovation. They will grow the lawtech community across the UK, raise the quality of startups, increase private investment, facilitate the exchange of information between service providers and lawtech businesses, and generate industry-level views that shape the UK’s lawtech agenda.

You can find out more details at the launch event on 18 May - register now.

What is happening to the Lawtech Sandbox?

LawtechUK will continue to support the lawtech ecosystem with programmes which will build on the Lawtech Sandbox model.

These programmes will bring together startups, law firms, legal consumers, industry experts and regulators to develop MVPs, proofs of concepts and partnerships.

What is happening to the LawtechUK website and other resources?

LawtechUK will continue to lead the way in transforming the UK legal sector through technology. Although LawtechUK will be operated by a consortium made up of CodeBase and Legal Geek, its purpose and the need for a body such as LawtechUK remains. The importance of continuity is vital, which is why the existing resources and website will continue to exist.

How do I contact LawtechUK in the meantime?

The LawtechUK website is the best place to find resources, tools, information and the latest developments lawtechuk.io.

You can continue to use the contact form on the site, here.

What is happening to the LawtechUK Panel?

The LawtechUK Panel will continue to act as an important advisory board to LawtechUK. We look forward to announcing and welcoming new panel members soon, to further strengthen the expertise and experience across the panel.

What is happening to the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce?

With the support of LawtechUK, the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce will continue to explore key questions regarding the legal status of, and basic legal principles applicable to, emerging technologies under English law.

This article will be updated with any other common questions following the announcement.

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