18 July 2022LawtechUK

Introducing the new Director and Head of LawtechUK

Introducing the new Director and Head of LawtechUK

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LawtechUK has appointed Alexandra Lennox as Director and Aleksandra Wawrzyszczuk as Head of LawtechUK.

We are thrilled to announce Alexandra Lennox as the new Director of LawtechUK. Having headed up the initiative since its inception in 2019, Lennox will bring her extensive experience in designing, implementing and leading impactful digital transformation projects, and deep knowledge of the legal and tech sector, to ensure that LawtechUK continues to deliver on its purpose, to transform the UK legal sector through technology.

During her time at LawtechUK, Lennox has helped lead programmes that have supported the growth of over 100 lawtech startups and scaleups through the Lawtech Sandbox and leveraged £5.2m of in-kind contributions from cross-sector collaborators, as well as establishing a world first Regulatory Response Unit (RRU).

As Director, Lennox will be responsible for providing strategic direction (working closely with the LawtechUK Panel and Ministry of Justice), extensive stakeholder engagement and overall leadership of LawtechUK’s work programme.

“LawtechUK has played a central role in supporting the growth and transformation of the UK lawtech sector to date. However, we are still at the foothills. The opportunity to improve outcomes for businesses and society through lawtech remains. I look forward to continuing to work with our network of hundreds of cross-sector experts and collaborators to achieve this. A huge thank you to Jenifer Swallow, the outgoing Director, for establishing the foundations on which we can now build.” Lennox commented.

Also this month, we welcome Aleksandra Wawrzyszczuk to the team as Head of LawtechUK. Wawrzyszczuk has a wealth of experience managing legal projects and transforming in-house legal functions in highly regulated sectors, as well as advising law firms on business strategy. Wawrzyszczuk will be responsible for the delivery and operations of LawtechUK’s diverse work programme, including driving the activities of the Regulatory Response Unit and the UK Jurisdictional Taskforce.

Wawrzyszczuk commented: “LawtechUK built a powerful legacy of tackling cutting edge challenges in the legal sector. I am thrilled to expand on that legacy as we enter the next chapter of driving impactful change through collaboration and technology.”

Will Miller, Chief Growth Officer at Tech Nation commented, “​​We are delighted Alexandra [Lennox] is taking a well-deserved step up to Director of LawtechUK. She is more than capable to continue the amazing and groundbreaking work LawtechUK are undertaking to aid the digitisation of the legal sector.”

“The UK is uniquely positioned to dominate the lawtech space and the team is already making strong progress in supporting its development and growth. Aleksandra is also an exceptional addition and we look forward to seeing the impact that she will have and the outcomes she sets out to deliver. This will be an exciting year for LawtechUK.”

Christina Blacklaws, Chair of the LawtechUK Panel commented, “I have great confidence that with their experience, drive and passion, Alexandra and Aleksandra will ensure the project goes from strength to strength. The Panel looks forward to working with the whole LawtechUK team to continue to establish the UK as a leading global hub for technology and law.”

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