17 February 2022LawtechUK

LawtechUK industry roundtable

Discover the learnings from our digital and smart contracts industry roundtable.

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LawtechUK industry roundtable

In August 2021, LawtechUK hosted a roundtable - bringing together leading experts, practitioners and entrepreneurs working in this area - to explore the opportunities and issues around digital and smarter ways of contracting.

We talked about the state of play, barriers to adoption, benefits of using these new technologies, opportunities to increase adoption and potential projects to that end, ending with a poll on what the future looks like - with most agreeing with the statements that ‘machine-readable documents will be of more significance than self-executing contracts’ and the ‘majority of legal documents will be produced in machine-readable as well as human-readable form by 2030’.

The slides presented, including the full poll results, can be downloaded here.

A readout capturing the key discussion points and contributions in addition to the presented material can be downloaded here.

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