22 July 2020LawtechUK

Lawtech debates

Two-part series on legal services and dispute resolution in the post-covid digital age.

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What does the future of legal services and dispute resolution hold after the COVID-19 pandemic? In July 2020, We held a two-part series exploring whether legal services are equipped to deal with the needs of businesses and society in this digital age. You can watch the debates by clicking on the links below.

The Lawtech Debate: Commercial Dispute Resolution Post Covid 19

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent global lockdown has prompted several fundamental questions. Are legal services meeting the needs of businesses and society in this digital age? Should we return to the old ways, or is it time to change for good? Watch the recording below to see the panel engage in this debate.

The Lawtech Debate: Legal Services After Covid-19

The second session of our Lawtech Debate saw panellists explore the need for greater innovation in the way that legal services are delivered in order for the sector to deliver on its purpose in society and the economy. What does and should service mean in the legal sector today? What role can technology play in advancing it? Watch to see how the discussion unfolded.

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