02 March 2022LawtechUK

LawtechUK and the Open Data Institute launch Legal Data Vision

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Legal Data Vision

LawtechUK have today launched The Legal Data Vision. The Legal Data Vision, developed with support from the Open Data Institute (ODI), is a shared aim for the legal sector to prioritise the responsible use of and access to legal data to drive innovation, uphold trust and deliver outcomes that benefit society.

According to previous studies:

  • Only 20% of lawyers say their organisation captures data effectively

  • 80% of General Counsels are not confident in their department’s ability to identify and manage legal risk

  • 67% of innovators need access to data to develop transformative legal solutions

Within the Vision, leading figures have expressed their support for the sector to collectively take forward its approach to data. Many believe that a strong, trustworthy legal data ecosystem will drive innovation, support the creation of more efficient and effective services, fuel growth and productivity, and serve business and society.

LawtechUK, the ODI and those that have contributed to this work offer The Legal Data Vision as a call to arms for those in the legal sector to examine what they can do individually, within their teams and wider organisation, and collectively across the sector, to improve data capture, use and shared access. Included in The Legal Data Vision is a framework that sets out how anyone in the legal sector can contribute in their own way to help the sector achieve the Vision.

Jenifer Swallow, LawtechUK Director at Tech Nation, said: “Embracing and responsibly using data is critical to the future success of the legal sector and the people it serves. Without data we cannot innovate, hold ourselves to account or provide the clear counsel and service people need. All within the sector need to work to improve how data is collected and made accessible, including realising the opportunities of open data in law.

“The Legal Data Vision offers a shared purpose, with its development enriched by contributions from across and beyond the sector. The aspiration is for others to prioritise the data opportunity and collectively work together to create a legal data ecosystem that allows innovation to thrive, upholds trust and delivers on the needs of those the legal sector serves.”

Diana Szasz, Data Ecosystems and Innovation programme lead at the ODI, said: “Improving access to data has the potential to transform the legal sector, from supporting the development of exciting innovation, to increasing trust and transparency. Building strong and trustworthy data ecosystems that can deliver value to businesses and society requires collaboration from a wide range of stakeholders, and we welcome LawtechUK’s leadership in this area.”

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