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    What is lawtech?

    Lawtech is technology used in law and the delivery of legal and court services. It spans a spectrum of applications and possibilities, including handling and resolving disputes, contract creation, management and analysis, regulatory compliance, paperless trade, digital documents and e-signing, process automation, research and information, marketplaces and advice facilitation, matter and practice management, risk management and predictive intelligence.

    I would like to contribute to the work of LawtechUK - how can I do that?

    Expertise and contributions from across the sector are vital in the work of LawtechUK. If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch through the contact us page and detail how you would like to contribute. You can also see our programmes page for specific opportunities of most interest to you.

    How can I participate in the Lawtech Sandbox?

    The Lawtech Sandbox opens for applications at various times of the year. These times are always announced on our dedicated Sandbox page and on our social media channels - Twitter and LinkedIn. We also announce when applications are open via our mailing list - sign-up at the bottom of this page.

    I’ve noticed my company is not featured on the Data Commons map - what do I do?

    Access to comprehensive information about the lawtech community is fundamental to its ongoing growth, to support job mobility and help to facilitate investment and innovation. We need your help to ensure it is as comprehensive as possible.

    If you have noticed your lawtech company is not on the Data Commons map and you would like it included, please do get in contact via the contact form.

    I have noticed an error on a page.

    The site is being constantly iterated on and improved. We appreciate all feedback. Please get in touch with us through the contact form.


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